At Star Communications

  • we use the latest in DSL technology to deliver you the most advanced speed and reliability.
  • We do not share bandwidth, so your internet connection is not split with the neighborhood, which causes high traffic slow times of the day as well as speed tests reflecting a fraction of the speed you are actually paying for throughout the day.
  • We have no caps or throttling on usage, this means we will not slow or choke your internet speed after a certain data amount is used, and we never use overage charges for using too much data.
  • Our low ping times make for quick refresh and load times, which is what high-speed internet should feel like.

Rosedale ( 70772 )

Initial Hook Up and Installation cost for internet services: Free Internet service hook up with a 1 year contract! Purchase a Modem for $50, or a Modem with built in wireless router for $80. $35 Hook up with no contract. Star Phone line required for Internet service, to see our ‘Phone’ pricing click here

-Entry level web use

-Basic email and web surfing

-Online shopping

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-More Active web use

-Web surfing

-Online banking etc.

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-More Active web use -Web surfing -Online banking etc. -More users

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-Full Throttle -Multiple users -HD video streaming -Online gaming

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Some locations may not be able to attain all the speed packages advertised, our service representatives can help you find which speeds are available to you and will fit your lifestyle. Call Us At : 800-256-9740   Contact our Account Executive with questions, or for a special service request or quotation. Charles Moreau, 225.614.1485, [email protected]