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Star Telephone Company, Inc. was officially incorporated in the State of Louisiana in 1952. Today we do business as Star Communications. In 2017, Star Communications celebrated 65 years of quality, reliable service to the citizens in west central Louisiana, and in 2017 Star was sold to parent company “Direct Communications”, an Idaho corporation that specializes in bringing rural telecommunication networks up to date and into the future of internet technologies. Already, Direct Communications has updated much of the network to allow more customers faster and more reliable internet, as well as a better option than the competition.


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Pay your bill online

Pay your bill online.

Troubleshooting / Technical Support

Contact us for help:

Maringouin, Livonia and Rosedale Areas

Business Office: 225-625-2333

Service Issues & Tech Support: 225-625-2321

Innis Area

Business Office: 225-492-2330

Service Issues & Tech Support: 225-492-2321

Cheneyville Area

Business Office: 800-256-9740

Service Issues & Tech Support: 318-279-2121


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