About Star

Star Telephone Company, Inc. was officially incorporated in the State of Louisiana in 1952. Today we do business as Star Communications. In 2017, Star Communications celebrated 65 years of quality, reliable service to the citizens in west central Louisiana, and in 2017 Star was sold to parent company “Direct Communications”, an Idaho corporation that specializes in bringing rural telecommunication networks up to date and into the future of internet technologies. Already, Direct Communications has updated much of the network to allow more customers faster and more reliable internet, as well as a better option than the competition.

Today, Star meets the communications needs for customers within a 700 square mile area that extends over six parishes. Star’s facilities serve these customers with five telephone exchanges (Maringouin, Livonia, Rosedale, Innis, & Cheneyville). The Maringouin, Livonia, Rosedale, and Cheneyville exchanges’ switches are served by fiber optic cable into the switch which provides the high bandwidth required by state of the art telecommunication applications today such as video conferencing, data transmission, and internet. Star provides and maintains services in these exchanges through the work of employees, each with many years of telecommunications experience, and each dedicated to providing quality services to meet the communications needs of the customers.

Although Direct Communications is the parent company, our name continues to be “Star Communications” a well-recognized brand that we intend to improve continually upon through the innovations of the previous ownership, along with the installation of a future proof fiber optic network. Thus, Star Communications continues to be a strong, stable communications organization with over 65years’ experience, committed to providing our customers with state of the art solutions to meet all of their communications needs.

  • 1952 – Star Telephone Company, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Louisiana
  • 1971 – Cut LD Route from open wire circuits via Plaquemine to buried cable via Hwy 190
  • 1975 – Cutover from operator handled long distance to 1 + Direct Dialing
  • 1989 – LOS
  • 1990 – 1st Gen Digital Switch
  • 1996 – Dial up internet service offered
  • 1997 – 2nd Gen digital switch – SS7 class service
  • 2002 – Star Celebrates 50 years of providing Rural Louisiana with Quality, reliable Services
  • 2017 – Star is sold to Direct Communications and further upgrades the network celebrating 65 years and continuing the trek to the future of broadband internet.